Our Process

The 4 Cs Process is the cornerstone of our work together. It’s not a complicated, rigid system designed to yield cookie-cutter outcomes; it’s fluid and expansive, allowing us to handcraft your experience and maximize your results.


The heart of my work with clients is surprisingly simple: Conversation. Connecting on a human level through real conversation allows us to completely customize our work to you. Over time, we’ll develop mutual trust and a shared intuitive feel that will unearth richer layers of communication. With this as a foundation, we’ll move seamlessly between big ideas and relevant details. Prior to each conversation, you’ll complete a Leadership Circle Profile™. This breakthrough 360 assessment will serve as our foundation. And during each session, we’ll use my Maneuver Strategy Canvas as our framework to squeeze the most juice out of our conversations and stretch your strategic thinking and perspective, so you’ll maneuver with agility when you return to reality.


You probably already have a strong, big-picture sense of what you want to accomplish for your business and your life. With the constant demands on your time and energy, it’s also probable you haven’t yet invested in the work required to clarify that picture and break it into digestible pieces. In our engagements, we’ll implement a few select tools (some from other sources and some of my own design) to remove the noise and fluff and get to the meat behind what’s happening in your head and in your world. We will convert your ideas from the implicit to the explicit, so you can begin to take actionable steps toward their execution.


You will surface new viewing points and learn to think in new, more rewarding ways. You’ll become skilled at recognizing emerging gaps between your current reality and your desired future, aligning the right people and processes to close those gaps, and seeing opportunity where you once experienced frustration. Crafting strong alternative strategies to realize your goals will become second nature.


Enhancing your aptitude to trust your instincts, take educated risks, and move into uncharted territory with confidence is our entire goal. You will be amazed at your ability to quickly assess yourself, your company, and your industry in order to make the most informed decisions and drive and sustain growth. With each conversation, greater clarity and connection will emerge, and your confidence will increase in step with your acumen.


  • “Chris creates new options and direction that break companies out of entrenched situations.”

    — Charles Sullivan, Retired Chairman & CEO, Interstate Bakeries Corp.
  • “Working with Chris is the epitome of the student becoming the teacher.  His approach is unconventional and priceless.”

    — Todd Greibe, CEO, Residex
  • “Chris became a trusted extension of me.”

    — Robert Ruse, President, TTL Associates, Inc.
  • “Chris applied heat and pressure at the right time.  He accelerated my ability to move from contemplation to decision to action.”

    — Kurt Miller, President, Miller Diversified, Inc.
  • “I got clear on what it means to be a CEO.  I made tough decisions I wouldn’t have made.”

    — Don Feller, President, Feller Finch Engineers & Architects